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Update for users of Sonos Arc soundbar and VAX04100 / 4101

Note: this problem does not exist with the VAX04101 with USB interface, as we have been delivering them since July 2021. 

What is the problem?

The Sonos update to version 13.1, which has been rolled out since the end of May 2021, changes the HDMI handshake process of the Sonos Arc Soundbar. Out of the box, Sonos has the automatic update function enabled and therefore updates are made unnoticed by the user. Sonos has only intended TVs with HDMI-ARC or eARC connection for the use of the soundbar. Other HDMI devices such as our Switch VAX04100 or VAX041001 have not been considered.

This update results in the Sonos Arc Soundbar on VAX04101 not delivering TV sound from the internal tuner or apps via HDMI-ARC on some TVs. In certain configuration, Dolby Atmos sound cannot be played back. A Sonos Arc soundbar on the Switch VAX04100 remains mute with all audio formats. Other soundbar brands of course work unchanged with the HDMI switch. The software change was only made by Sonos, whose terms of use were agreed to with the purchase or registration. This is therefore not a warranty case.

Since Sonos version 13.2, audio playback from an external player is possible again. However, the audio return channel of a connected TV (HDMI-ARC) is not played back.

What is the solution?

But don't worry, we'll help. We offer an update of the switch. Affected devices can be sent to us and updated by us.

If you have a Sonos Arc Soundbar and are affected, you can send us the VAX04100 or VAX04101 (device without accessories is sufficient). Please write your address and enclose a copy of the purchase invoice, or send the invoice in parallel by email to service@feintech.eu.

Our address:

Spreewald Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
Radensdorfer Hauptstr. 45a
15907 Lübben (Spreewald) OT Radensdorf
Tel. +49 3546 8925

Here is a return form (PDF). Please frank the package. We will pay the shipping costs to you. If you provide us with your email address or mobile phone number, we will pass it on to DPD and you will receive a shipping notification and tracking code. Please note that we do not accept customs duties. Customs duties may apply if you send a package from outside the European Union to Germany without paying customs duty before or wrong declaration. Please make sure that a package is sent DDP and that the customs declaration is made in your country. When sending a parcel from Germany back to you, you may also incur customs duties if the parcel has not been declared correctly to your customs authorities beforehand. To avoid custom duty and tax, as a rule, temporary export or outward processing must be declared to your customs office. For more information, please contact your local customs authorities.


2 versions of the VAX04101 

Since July 2021, we have been supplying the VAX04101 exclusively with a USB interface. Via the USB interface, a firmware update can be carried out by the user himself via Windows PC. For users of Sonos soundbars, this is the recommended device version and works without problems with Sonos Arc. Ex works, this switch version (EAN 4026423994920) is already equipped with Sonos-compatible firmware.

Updating the new VAX04101 can be done by yourself via USB, software and instructions can be downloaded here. We are not aware of any specifics for all other soundbar makes. The previous version can sometimes be found as a cheap second-hand item or B-ware on ebay or Amazon and works without problems for soundbars from other manufacturers.

We continue to offer this firmware update free of charge. We ask for your understanding that we no longer provide a free exchange to the new version.