FIR00401 USB Infrarot Fernbedienung-Verlängerung IR-Extender (4-Fach, 3 m) - FeinTech
FIR00401 USB Infrarot Fernbedienung-Verlängerung IR-Extender (4-Fach, 3 m) - FeinTech
FIR00401 USB Infrarot Fernbedienung-Verlängerung IR-Extender (4-Fach, 3 m) - FeinTech

FIR00401 USB Infrared Remote Control Extension IR Extender (4-fold, 3 m)

Hide your media devices in the closet and still control them with the infrared remote control
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1x infrared remote control extension 4x adhesive pads

Concealed device placement

Place your media devices in the closet and still control them with the infrared remote control. For this purpose, the reception area is expanded. Some devices only have a narrow reception range for the remote control. So you have to "aim" very well. The IR extender also fixes this problem. If you have placed your home electronics in the middle of the room, you can also control them from a different direction with the IR extender: the commands from the remote control are then sent to the front of the device via cables.

IR receiver

The infrared eye receives the commands from the remote control and transmits them through the cable. The entire system is powered via USB. The infrared extender can be connected to a free device socket or a USB power supply.

IR emitter diodes

The 4 IR transmitter diodes are placed in front of the devices to be controlled. These can be attached with the supplied adhesive pads. The infrared commands from the cable are converted again - as if they had been sent directly from the remote control.

  • Enables concealed placement and remote control of 4 devices and more (e.g. CD/DVD/Bluray player, streaming box, satellite receiver, hi-fi amplifier)
  • Place your devices in a closed cabinet - with this extension they are still remote controllable
  • Instantly ready for use and compatible with all common infrared remote controls (IR frequencies 30 to 60 kHz)
  • Energy and space-saving power supply via USB socket (e.g. from TV)
  • Long cable (total length 3 m), easy attachment with adhesive pads

With this extension for infrared remote controls, you can place several devices undercover and still control them remotely. For example, let the Bluray player, audio amplifier and satellite receiver disappear into the TV cabinet. Only the small IR receiver (approx. 2 x 2 x 2.5 cm) is visible. Place the IR receiver within sight of the remote controls. Now attach the 4 IR transmitter diodes. These must point to the front of the unit to be controlled and be placed close to the infrared receiver. Plug the USB connector into a USB device socket to supply power to the system. This saves energy and space, and no additional power source is needed. Or use a common 5 V USB power supply (not included). The control commands of the original remote controls are now received and forwarded to all 4 transmitter diodes via the 3 m cable. The IR receiver flashes discreetly when a signal is received. You can attach the IR receiver and the transmitting diodes with the adhesive pads supplied. Infrared frequencies of 30 - 60 kHz are supported. The range of the IR receiver is approx. 5 m at an angle of 30°.

Scope of delivery:

  • Infrared remote control extension
  • 4 adhesive pads

Customer reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ulrich Kala
Super IR extender

The entire technology for television and hi-fi had to be banished to the closet. So infrared extensions were needed for the devices. I've looked at many and read the reviews. The first thing that attracted me to these was the price, then the reviews. They were all test subjects, but they were right: the small, compact extension is optimal, unobtrusive, sufficiently long and works excellently. I can just recommend her. I am not a tester and bought the extension as normal.

P Ness
Initially skeptical but convincing and great implementation

At first I was skeptical that it would work as described. And that's exactly what makes it. The wiring is easy -> Plug & Play The adhesive on the small pins is a little too weak and came off immediately, but since I always have superglue in the house no problem at all, even double-sided tape should work. The cables on are long enough. In my case, 2 pins would have been enough, I simply fixed the other two. The different lengths are also well chosen -> However, devices should be together or at least next to each other. Suitable for anyone who either wants to hide their devices or like in In my case, standing under the low board and thus requiring a direct "pointing" with the remote control. I glued the receiver to the bottom of the television, it's hardly noticeable and it also sticks really well.

works very well

Delivered very quickly, works very well. Receiver glued under TV, USB to TV, transmitter glued to cupboard compartments. Several devices in the cabinet can now be easily operated with the door closed.

Works great and is easy to install

I bought this infrared extender because our consumer electronics disappeared behind a flap after we bought a new piece of furniture. An AV receiver and a Bluray player are controlled with it. Since the FeinTech FIR00401 has four transmitter diodes, the two devices are each assigned two IR diodes. I placed the receiver in front of the TV base. So I can easily control both the television and the devices hidden in the cabinet from a distance of more than four meters. The red LED built into the receiver, which acknowledges the receipt of the IR signal, is also very helpful. Installation was extremely easy. The Fritzbox, which is also hidden in the closet, provides the required power, and it kindly has a USB port. The adhesive dots on the transmitter diodes stick well to the smooth surface of the furniture flap, let's see if that changes over time. All in all, a clear recommendation!

Andrea Scordia
It just works

I bought this device because I was completely dissatisfied with a similar device (that actually had a much more professional look...) that I bought years ago that could never control all the devices even when the IR illuminator was on controller was "carefully" placed in front of the device. This system worked from the start without any problems. I was able to plug the USB power adapter into one of the TV's service USB plugs, freeing up the 220 volt plug that was plugged into the old unit. In my opinion a great device!

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