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  1. Hallo,

    Wann werden Sie die HDMI 2.1-Versionen Ihrer Switches veröffentlichen? Die PS5 kommt bald;)

    1. Author

      Was brauchen Sie denn für einen HDMI 2.1 Schalter? Erste Geräte (Extractor, Splitter) könnten noch dieses Jahr kommen, ein Matrix Switch aber erst in 2021. Und wer hat schon zwei 8K Displays?

    1. Author

      Einen HDMI 2.1 Splitter wird es noch dieses Jahr geben. Es müssen beide Displays mit HDMI 2.1 ausgestattet sein und die gewünschten Features unterstützen. Einen Matrix Switch erwarten wir in ca. einem Jahr.

    1. Author

      Please find the instructions in English language starting on page 7 in the manual.

  2. Hi guys,

    I have two cameras plugged in to the switch and displaying them through OBS (doing it for streaming) but when I switch between two cameras, it shows black screen for a moment when it’s switching. Am I missing something in settings anywhere? Thanks.

    1. Author

      It is normal that there is a black screen for 1-5 seconds. Your cameras do a new HDMI handshake with the HDMI sink each time. This can only be avoided by using an HDMI presentation switch with seamless switching. These are professional switches usually used for digital signage and events.

    2. uh-oh, that sounds bad, I was hoping that this would work with streaming from multiple cameras 🙁

  3. Hi,

    I noticed this is new model, Is HDMI-CEC supported on both Output A and Output-B , like model vsp01202, so I can connect TV to Output-A and Soundbar to Output-B with HDMI-CEC enabled on both?

    1. Author

      HDMI-CEC is possible on HDMI input 1 only, but to both outputs. So you can control the HDMI source with the TV’s or Soundbar’s remote control.

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