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Problems pairing? This is how you reset the Bluetooth audio adapter

Nowadays, numerous Bluetooth audio devices such as headphones, speakers, notebooks, smartphones, etc. are in use. Once 2 devices have been paired with each other, a Bluetooth connection is automatically established when the second device is switched on. When a Bluetooth device, such as headphones or transmitters, is turned on, it prefers to connect to the last connected device. To pair a new device for the first time, other devices should therefore be switched off or their Bluetooth should be deactivated.

The chipsets in Bluetooth audio devices store a limited number of connections - typically 8, sometimes as little as 4. This memory can fill up unintentionally, or pairing data transfer errors can occur. As a result, 2 devices no longer connect to each other. Such an error can be recognized by the fact that either the pairing mode is terminated quickly but not successfully. Or nothing happens for over a minute after starting pairing. Entering pairing mode is usually indicated by fast blinking of LEDs, often alternating red and blue. Some headphones and speakers provide information via voice output.

Therefore, pretty much all devices are designed to do a reset and clear the Bluetooth connection memory. If you have problems connecting, you should do this on both parties.

How to reset the ABT00101:

To do this, switch off the ABT00101 using the large MFB button and change the mode within 3 seconds. So if TX was set, switch off and immediately switch to RX mode. Then switch the ABT00101 back on briefly and then off. This deletes the connection information. Now set the desired mode (TX or RX) and pair your device again.

We also show the correct pairing and a reset on the ABT00101 in this video:

How to reset the ABT00102:

Set the slide switch to TX and power the ABT00102 via USB. Then press and hold the + button for 7 seconds. The two LEDs TX and RX now light up briefly twice. The memory has now been cleared and the Bluetooth Audio Adapter Reset has been carried out.