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Fingerprint sensor (Elan chip)

No more remembering or typing insecure passwords, no more fear of prying eyes: With this fingerprint sensor you can easily upgrade your Windows system. A free USB interface is sufficient for this. The FPS00201 reads your fingerprint and logs you in to Windows and many web services. For the initial setup, your fingerprints must be “learned”. A smart algorithm helps here, learning through frequent repetition and accelerating recognition. 10 different fingers can be trained - either all by one person or by several. The sensor surface enables 360° detection. The finger does not have to rest at a certain angle. This is really suitable for everyday use. Once you get to know the function, you won't want to be without it.

A notice:

Please note that there are 2 versions of the fingerprint sensor. Both are functionally the same, but the drivers are different. Windows automatically installs the appropriate driver. The FPS00201 in silver is equipped with a chip from Elan. This chipset is supported not only by Windows but also by Linux libfprint/fprintd. Otherwise the difference is only relevant if there is a technical problem. More on that at the end of this post. There is currently no driver for MacOS. The hardware ID of the chipset is 04f3:0c28.

Windows Hello

Biometric login is already included in Windows 10 and is called Windows Hello . There is therefore no software installation necessary, everything is prepared in Windows 10 / 11. The drivers are also included in Windows or can be loaded automatically via an online connection (Windows Update) if necessary. Over time, more software applications will become possible with Windows Hello. This only depends on the third-party software, the fingerprint sensor is ideal for this. You can already log in to websites using your fingerprint in the Edge and Chrome browsers. Password managers can also use the fingerprint as a master password.

If the finder's print sensor is removed from the computer, the conventional password entry (PIN or password) takes effect. When you plug it in again, fingerprint registration is immediately active again. No repeated setup is necessary. No actual fingerprints are stored, but rather a value is calculated (so-called hash). The USB dongle is therefore only the interface for input. The dongle can therefore be used interchangeably on different computers, but must be set up individually on each one.

Driver installation under Win 10/11

When updating from Microsoft, the driver may not be installed automatically. Then the necessary driver for the fingerprint reader should be selected manually. To do this, select “ Show optional updates ” under Windows 10 : Windows Update. Then check “ELAN Finger Print Biometrics”.

For Windows 11: Under “ Windows Update > Advanced Options ” the switch for “ Receive updates for other Microsoft products ” must be switched on. The driver for the Elan chip can be found under " Optional updates" > Driver updates" if it has not yet been installed.

Windows Optional Update

Video on how to set up under Windows 10

We offer multilingual instructions in PDF format for download here .

Elan Chip

The USB ID is 04f3:0c28. Windows will automatically install the correct driver. When updating, please make sure that Windows Update > Advanced Options > Optional Updates are activated:

A manual installation for Windows 10 & 11 would be possible with this driver from the Microsoft catalog . But it almost always works automatically.