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Firmware update for HDMI switch/splitter

We are often asked for a firmware update for an HDMI switch or splitter. As users of computers and software programs, we know that an update eliminates errors or continually offers new functions. Therefore, as a user, you strive to always have the latest update.

However, this cannot be achieved with an HDMI switch and is rarely necessary. The scope of performance of such an HDMI device is usually limited: an HDMI switch only transmits the signals and does not process them.

Why then a firmware update?

1. Through firmware updates we have been able to solve problems that have come to our attention in the past, most of which relate to compatibility with certain connected devices. A firmware update can only solve a problem that is known to us and described. We describe what has changed in a Readme.txt file of the firmware download.

2. With an HDMI splitter, HDMI matrix switch or HDMI audio extractor, preset EDID information (The "standard" EDID) can also be changed. This function is used to force the output of audio/video formats to the player that are not supported by all devices. It may not always perfectly to your devices.

So it makes no sense to carry out a firmware update just to expect a functional improvement or to solve a problem that was not previously described. The saying “Never change a running system” absolutely applies here.

We are one of a few manufacturers that offer such a firmware update for HDMI devices. Because we want to do everything we can to get the user's setup to work as expected and to transmit the highest possible audio/video formats. This works well for our understanding users.

You have to know that this type of update is more for experienced users and the update process is not as user-friendly as an unexperienced user would expect. Because these tools were developed for professionals. We have nevertheless decided to make such updates available for our devices.

Since the hardware of some devices has changed over time, newer firmware sometimes does not fit an older device. This is also described in the update instructions or readme file. Conversely, it may be that there is no alternative firmware for a new device version because it is simply not necessary.

Where can I find updates?

In many cases you can find our firmware updates directly as a download on our product page in the “Downloads” tab. Instructions are included there and the changes are described in the Readme file. There are further updates or alternative firmware that we provide for service cases. We do not want to make these generally accessible because they could make devices unusable if used incorrectly and are needed relatively rarely. Please note that all firmware tools are only available for Windows, not for MacOS or Linux.

What do I do if something doesn't work as expected?

Please check our support page to see if there is already a solution or explanation. If not, you can submit a ticket there. This will create a message to our support team and we will take care of the question or issue. Please list - if applicable - all connected or desired devices. If the problem cannot be described so easily, please call us on +49 3546 2398855 (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

When we are in contact with many users, we can get an idea of ​​problems and develop targeted solutions. This not only makes our products better, but also ensures greater satisfaction for you.