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Large button remote control with lighting

Large button remote control with illumination:

The FeinControl is a universal remote control with large buttons and keyboard lighting. Use it to control televisions, satellite receivers, cable receivers or similar. Only the most commonly used buttons are present on this remote control. This greatly simplifies the use of your devices. For better operation in the dark, the keys of the FeinControl can be illuminated - ideal for home cinema evenings. There is therefore an LED behind each key. To ensure that the batteries last a long time, the remote control only lights up when you press a button. Press the lamp icon to turn on. All keys are illuminated! The light turns off automatically 7 seconds after the last button press.

FeinControl SDF00400 with illuminated buttons

This is how the learning function works:

Before using the remote control for the first time, the commands of the existing original infrared remote control must be learned. To do this, copy the keyboard commands key by key to the FineControl . This is quite simple. First place the two remote controls together so that the infrared surfaces are facing each other. Then alternately press the target button and the button on the original remote control. Do this for each button. If you wish, you can copy individual commands from a third remote control (see below). For everyday use you then only use the FeinControl. You may only need the original remote control for special settings.

Simple operation through individual button assignment:

You can also mix the assignment with another remote control. For example, you can take over the program selection buttons from the television, but the volume control from the audio amplifier or soundbar. Or mix satellite receivers and televisions. So you can simplify the operation and control the most important functions with this clear remote control. You can change the saved key assignments as you wish and thus adapt them to new devices. A learned infrared command is retained after changing the battery. The keys have a clear pressure point. The red LED lights up briefly to check the function when the button is pressed. This large-button remote control is compatible with all common infrared remote controls.


This big button remote control is ideal for those who want easier control of their devices. With the illuminated buttons, the FeinControl is ideal for use in home cinema. Even in the dark, all buttons can be seen and functions controlled.