VME00110 HDMI over LAN Extender 70 m - FeinTech
VME00110 HDMI over LAN Extender 70 m - FeinTech
VME00110 HDMI over LAN Extender 70 m - FeinTech
VME00110 HDMI over LAN Extender 70 m - FeinTech
VME00110 HDMI over LAN Extender 70 m - FeinTech
VME00110 HDMI over LAN Extender 70 m - FeinTech

VME00110 HDMI over LAN Extender 70 m

Transmit HDMI over a LAN cable up to 70m
  • Range up to 70 m (Full HD) or 40 m (4K 30Hz HDR)
  • Integrated infrared extender transmits the remote control signal via cable
  • You can use the EDID switch to determine which target device the source audio and video format is optimized for
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1x HDMI transmitter
1x HDMI receiver
1x IR receiver
1x IR transmitter
1x power adapter
1x user manual

Transmit HDMI via LAN cable

  • Enables long distances for HDMI transmission up to 70m
  • HDMI transmission via low cost and easy to install Ethernet cable (CAT.6 or better recommended)
  • Integrated HDMI splitter / loopthrough, distributes the HDMI signal to 2 displays
  • Integrated infrared extender, transmits the remote control signal via cable

The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The VME00110 transmitter is connected to the HDMI source and loops the HDMI signal through to a local TV or monitor. It can therefore be viewed simultaneously on the displays near and far. The HDMI signal is converted and sent to the VME00110 receiver via a conventional LAN cable. There it is converted back to HDMI and can be used on the connected device.

The system enables the transmission of audio-video signals from an HDMI source (media player, PC) to an HDMI sink (TV, video projector, monitor, AV receiver) via CAT5e/CAT6/CAT7 network cables with a range of up to 70 m (Full-HD) or 40 m (4K 30Hz HDR). The transmitter and receiver are powered by a single power supply unit on the transmitter (included). The receiver is remotely powered with this. Please make sure that the network cable is of very good quality. For short distances CAT.5e is sufficient, for longer distances it should be better CAT.7. There must be no network switch or other active Ethernet component in between. It is also not possible to transmit Internet and other data over the same cable at the same time.

The VME00110 receiver simultaneously transmits infrared signals from a remote control and allows you to control the HDMI source remotely. So you can take the remote control into the second room and operate the remote HDMI source from there. However, it must be infrared; this does not work with Bluetooth or radio remote controls.

Data rate, video resolution and range

A maximum data rate of 10.2 gigabits/s can be transmitted over 40 metres. This corresponds to a video resolution of 4K 30Hz (Ultra-HD 3840×2160 pixels). Because almost all movies are produced in a maximum resolution of 4K 24Hz, it is best to set the feed to 4K 24Hz. The system supports SDR and HDR transmissions up to 10 bit, but not 12 bit. With lower resolutions, e.g. Full-HD, the lower data rate enables a transmission up to a maximum of 70 m.

EDID Switch

You can use the EDID switch to determine for which target device the source optimises audio and video format. In the RX position, the EDID of the display connected to the VME00110 receiver is used for the source device. This means that the supported audio and video formats of the display further away are used. In position TX, the EDID of the local display is used.


  • Supports HDMI 1.4, HDCP 1.4 and DVI 1.0.
  • Maximum data rate 10.2 Gbps
  • Latency-free transmission
  • Supports video resolutions up to 4K 30Hz and 1080p 60Hz
  • Colour formats 8 bit (YUV 420, 422, 444, RGB) or 10 bit (YUV 420, HDR10)
  • Audio formats: PCM 2.0, PCM 5.1 PCM 7.1, AC3 (Dolby Digital), Dolby Digital Plus (incl. Atmos), Dolby TrueHD (incl. Atmos), Dolby MAT, DTS, DTS-ES, DTS-HD Selectable EDID from receiver display or local display
  • Maximum ranges (shielded cable recommended):
    CAT-7/7a/8 cable: 70m for 1080p, 40m for 4K 30Hz
    CAT-6/6a cable: 50m for 1080p, 30m for 4K 30Hz
  • Infrared transmission for remote control signals to the player
  • Power supply of the receiver via network cable (POC)
  • Dimensions: transmitter 79.6 × 71 × 16.5 mm, receiver 79.6 × 68 × 16.5 mm
  • Power consumption Transmitter 1.86 W, Receiver 0.87 W
  • Power supply 12V 1A DC
  • Scope of delivery: HDMI Transmitter, HDMI Receiver, Power Supply, IR Receiver, IR Transmitter

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