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FAQs on using the HDMI switch with ARC or eARC pass

Below we answer the most common questions related to the VAX04100 and VAX04101 HDMI Switch. For the first time, this new type of switch offers the option of sending an audio signal to a soundbar via HDMI-ARC or HDMI-eARC. The audio return channel ARC or "enhanced audio return channel" eARC is otherwise only supplied by the HDMI input of the same name on a television.

Why is there no automatic switching of the HDMI inputs?

Switching can only be done via HDMI hotplug detection. Automatic switching between different players is therefore only possible if they also switch off their HDMI output when they switch off. Unfortunately, common streaming boxes and game consoles do not do this in standby.

Which audio EDID should I set?

If you always want to output the sound via the connected soundbar, it is best to set it to "7.1". If the soundbar supports a maximum of DD 5.1, corresponding to "5.1". If you also want to hear the sound from the connected player on the TV or via headphones, please set it to Auto (=EDID from the TV) or 2.0 stereo.

Why is the Sonos app showing me an error during installation?

The Sonos app installation dialog does not include an HDMI switch. This guided installation is only possible with a direct connection to a television. Either complete the installation by connecting your Sonos soundbar directly to the television. Or exit the app and briefly unplug the soundbar. Then connect all devices via HDMI and select an active player. Then press the eARC button on VAX04101 or ARC on VAX04100. If you then get the sound via the soundbar, you can continue to use the app.

How can I hear the TV sound through the soundbar?

The TV must be connected to the switch using the HDMI ARC or HDMI eARC port. If you then watch a program on the TV via the TV tuner, select input 1 on the VAX04101 to output the sound via the soundbar.

Why is my Netflix app not outputting Dolby Atmos on the TV?

TV apps only output Dolby Atmos if the TV itself supports Dolby Atmos and can output without a soundbar. So you can only "retrofit" Dolby Atmos with external media players.

What is the difference between VAX04100 and VAX04101?

The VAX04100 establishes a connection to the soundbar via ARC. Audio formats up to Dolby Digital Plus (including Dolby Atmos) are also possible. Sufficient e.g. for Fire TV or Sky Q.

The VAX04101 establishes a connection to the soundbar via eARC. The soundbar must support eARC. Additional audio formats can then be used, up to Dolby TrueHD with Dolby Atmos and Dolby-MAT (the Atmos format of Xbox and Apple TV 4K).

It doesn't matter what the TV or projector supports.

Since July 2021, the VAX04101 has only been delivered in the version with a USB interface (for any updates).

Why don't I have Atmos audio with Fire TV?

The Fire TV 4K Stick only supports Dolby Atmos on Prime Video. And also here only for the series "Jack Ryan" in 4K and in English.

The Fire TV Cube also supports Dolby Atmos on Netflix and Disney+. The "Premium" subscription is required for Netflix. Most Dolby Atmos audio tracks are only available in English. The playback must be in 4K.

Is the remote compatible with Logitech Harmony?

Yes, you can take the remote's infrared commands and control everything with your Logitech remote.

Can I connect another switch, I need more inputs?

That would be possible, but we expressly do not recommend it. This makes operation very complicated and handshake problems can occur, so that the best possible output format is not used.

You can connect other HDMI devices to the TV.

Can I connect an HDMI splitter, I have a TV and projector?

That would be possible, but we expressly do not recommend it. This makes operation very complicated and handshake problems can occur, so that the best possible output format is not used.

Is there a time delay in transmission?

No, the HDMI signal is passed through in real time, to the TV/video projector and soundbar at the same time.

Can your Switch solve lagging audio issues?

Some televisions only deliver the sound on their HDMI-ARC connection after the video signal has been processed. The internal TV speakers would then be in sync, but an external soundbar is not. The VAX04101 solves this problem, as the player's sound is immediately sent to the soundbar. The sound may be too early. To prevent or compensate for this, soundbars offer an audio delay.

What do I have to set on the media player to hear Dolby Atmos?

That is different. For most devices, set the EDID mode "7.1" on the HDMI switch. If you then start your media player, it should be able to detect Dolby Atmos support with the audio setting being automatic. On some devices like Apple TV and Xbox, set the audio format to Automatic and then enable Dolby Atmos. On the Fire TV, set the audio format to "best available" - Dolby Atmos is not mentioned in the settings. For a Windows PC you need the "Dolby Atmos for home theater" app. By the way, Dolby Atmos can be transmitted in 3 ways:

Via Dolby Digital Plus (from streaming services or Blu-ray), via Dolby TrueHD (from Blu-ray) or via Dolby-MAT (from Apple TV and Xbox).

What about DTS audio formats?

The VAX04100 also supports DTS 5.1 on the ARC connector. The VAX04101 also supports DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, each with DTS:X. The sound system must be able to support and decode the same formats.

Sonos Arc only supports DTS, not DTS-HD.

Why does Apple TV show Atmos as available but only delivers 5.1 audio?

That can have several reasons:

  1. The respective app must support Dolby Atmos, e.g. Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+. YouTube and Joyn do not support Atmos, not even 5.1.
  2. The selected film must support Dolby Atmos in the respective language. Netflix offers about 120 films with Dolby Atmos, but only 2 feature films in German. There are then 4 series in German with Dolby Atmos, eg "Dark" Season 1 and "The Witcher".
  3. If you previously watched a series without Atmos (which would have Atmos), the Netflix app will have trouble delivering the same content with Atmos audio now. In our experiments, it helped to switch from Home to New in the Netflix app, play a new movie, and then switch back. The Dolby Atmos logo is displayed when one of the language versions has Atmos audio.
  4. Dolby Atmos only offers Netflix as a premium subscription with Ultra HD.

Why does the TV turn off after 15 minutes?

Please turn off the "wake to sleep" feature on the Apple TV 4K or extend the period or disable control of other HDMI devices.

Why doesn't the PlayStation give me Atmos sound from apps?

The PlayStation does not support Dolby Atmos from apps like Netflix or Disney+. From Blu-ray disc only. This also applies to the new PlayStation 5.

What switch do I need for Sonos Arc?

We recommend the VAX04101A for this. This latest version is equipped with a USB port to allow for updates. We strive to keep the switch compatible with future software changes to the soundbar. The same applies to Sonos Beam Generation 2.

Why is the Sonos Arc silent on TV sound?

The Sonos update to version 13.1, which has been rolled out since May 13, 2021, causes problems with the audio playback of a Sonos Arc soundbar with the HDMI switch VAX04101.

As a result, the Sonos Arc Soundbar on the VAX04101 does not deliver any TV sound from the internal tuner or apps (HDMI-ARC sound) on some televisions. We offer an update of the switch for this purpose. To do this, the device must be sent to us.

The version with USB interface (VAX04101A) that has been available since the beginning of July 2021 is not affected and works with it.

Why doesn't Apple TV display Dolby Atmos on the Full HD projector?

Only Apple TV 4K supports Dolby Atmos, Apple TV HD does not support it.

Is LPCM 5.1 and 7.1 also supported?
Yes, both audio formats are supported by the VAX04101.

What is the EDID setting AUTO for?

In the AUTO position, the original EDID of the HDMI sink is sent to the HDMI source. The audio and video output is therefore optimized for the connected TV / video projector. This means that internal loudspeakers can be used, for example. As a result, the maximum audio formats are not played back via the soundbar.

Why is my Epson projector no longer showing 4K or HDR?

Epson video projectors behave differently than other video projectors. Updating the VAX04101A to version V1.00.30 fixes this problem.

What do I need to update the VAX04101 via USB?

The update software and new firmware are available on our website. The devices delivered since the beginning of 2022 already have the latest firmware. A change may only be necessary if there are problems with the video display on a video projector.

Is Dolby Atmos audio always English?

Most of the time yes, because so far this effort has only been made in the original version of the film or series. An exception is, for example, the German series "Dark" on Netflix, which offers German Atmos sound. However, Atmos is becoming more and more popular and is increasingly being used in new productions.