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HDMI-ARC adapter for headphones and stereo systems

Every new television now has an HDMI ARC connection. ARC stands for Audio Return Channel (Audio return channel). In return, analog interfaces for headphones, active speakers or stereo systems are saved on new TVs. With our new adapter you can use the HDMI-ARC to connect your stereo sound system via cinch and/or jack plug. It is even possible to control the volume using the TV remote control. (That sounds trivial, but it is quite a technical effort. The adapter uses the HDMI-CEC protocol for this).

With our VMA00101 you can tap the sound of the TV (cable or satellite TV, apps) at the HDMI socket. The audio signal is then converted to analog and output via cinch and 3.5 mm jack. Conversion is only possible in stereo - not from Dolby Digital or other multi-channel formats. Therefore, the audio format "PCM" / "LPCM stereo" must be set on the television. With "Bitstream" or multi-channel PCM, the adapter does not provide any sound. Every TV has a setting for this.

You can also hear the sound of the other devices that you connect to the television via HDMI via the adapter. If you have a satellite or Sky receiver, please set the sound to stereo, not AC3 or Dolby Digital.

Connecting the HDMI-ARC adapter to TVs and audio devices

Connection of headphones and/or stereo system

For power supply, the adapter is connected to a free USB socket using the supplied cable. The VMA00101 will then always switch on together with the TV, so no operation is required. If necessary, you can switch off the adapter manually.

Please note that televisions only have a single HDMI-ARC connection. Usually the TV turns off the internal speakers when you use HDMI-ARC. You can use the jack and cinch connection at the same time. A standard HDMI cable for the TV connection is included.

Technical specifications:

  • Connections: HDMI-ARC for televisions, audio outputs Cinch L+R and 3.5 mm jack, USB micro for power supply
  • Supports HDMI 2.0
  • Volume control via HDMI-CEC / TV remote control
  • Audio input format PCM stereo (LPCM 2.0)
  • Audio output 20-15000 Hz
  • Output level 2 V pp
  • Distortion THD < 0.05%
  • Power consumption 50 mA / 5V via USB micro
  • Dimensions 6.9 x 2.4 x 5.8 cm
  • Box contents: HDMI-ARC adapter, HDMI cable, USB cable

Meanwhile, the successor VMA00102 available!