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  1. Does Feintech VSP01201 HDMI splitter support HDR Plus ?
    Best regards.

    1. Author

      It supports all current HDR formats like Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG. It will most likely support HDR10+ ( HDR10Plus ), too. But we have no test equipment yet.

  2. Hello. I have an AVR Yamaha RX-S602 + Panasonic G30 FHD + BenQ TK800M 4K. Other devices (PS4 Pro, TV SAT Receiver Set-Tob-Box are connected to AVR Yamaha, but in AVR there is only ONE „HDMI OUTPUT.“ I watch FHD TV every day, but in the evenings I like to watch FHD and 4K movies on Benq TK800M. play with cable changes. Will this splitter be good for me? I do not want to watch TV and BenQ at the same time, I want to watch sometimes on TV and sometimes on BenQ without touching the cables. Will this splitter be suitable for this?

    1. I mean VSP01201 . Which mode should I use?

    2. Author

      Yes, the VSP01201 is suitable for this purpose.

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