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Send and receive audio via Bluetooth

With the ABT00101 Bluetooth adapter you can transmit the sound of an audio source wirelessly in transmitter mode (TX) and play it back with Bluetooth headphones or speakers. In receiver/receiver mode (RX) you can receive a Bluetooth audio signal and play it back on an audio amplifier, wired headphones or similar.

Audio inputs and outputs are digital, optical (SPDIF Toslink) and analog (3.5 mm jack)
Audio inputs and outputs are digital, optical (SPDIF Toslink) and analog (3.5 mm jack)

Functions & codec

The function as a transmitter or receiver can be set using the slide switch. The adapter is compatible with all older and newer Bluetooth audio devices. Because it not only supports the standard Bluetooth codec, but also the high-quality formats aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX and AAC. Important to know: the paired device with Bluetooth must also support the respective standard. For example, an iPhone only supports SBC and AAC. The ABT00101 always tries to pair with the best possible standard.

Data rate & latency of the different codecs

The higher data rate of aptX results in better sound. That's not the only benefit. Latency is also reduced. This is the name given to the time delay that occurs during processing and signal transmission. With aptX Low Latency, transmission is almost real-time. This is especially important for musicians and gamers. When used for television, you get the sound synchronous to the picture if your headphones also support one of these codecs. aptX HD with 24-bit encoding at a sampling frequency of up to 48 kHz ensures the highest sound quality.

Use as an audio sender / transmitter

The ABT00101 is therefore ideal for connecting to a TV and then sending the sound to Bluetooth headphones. Thanks to Multipoint even to 2 headphones at the same time (with Multipoint not with aptX Low Latency Codec). The best possible codec is always used, so that your audio device is optimally supported. The codec used is indicated by the flashing of the colored LED.

The connection via Toslink / optical fiber is advantageous. The digital, optical transmission offers the best possible quality. Humming is often prevented because there is no longer an electrical connection. The only disadvantage is that digital signals have no volume. This must therefore be regulated on the headphones – this is standard with Bluetooth headphones.

Use as receiver / receiver

Example: Receives music wirelessly from the smartphone and ensures playback on the stereo system and wired headphones

Example: Receives music wirelessly from the smartphone and ensures playback on the stereo system and wired headphones

When used as an audio receiver, for example, music from the smartphone is played back on the hi-fi system or on the car radio (or enables conventional cable headphones to be transmitted wirelessly). You can use the buttons to control the volume, skip tracks forwards/backwards or pause. The built-in rechargeable battery provides around 20 hours of operating time (or 14 hours with an SPDIF connection). The Bluetooth adapter is charged or permanently supplied with power at the USB micro socket. The ABT00101 supports multipoint or dual link. 2 smartphones are connected to the receiver at the same time and used alternately. So when music playback from smartphone 1 is paused, music can be played seamlessly from smartphone 2. No new pairing is required.

A notice: The audio adapter does not work bi-directionally. So it can either be sent or received, not both at the same time. Hands-free calling or headset applications with a microphone are therefore not possible.

a notice to aptX HD : If you want high quality audio in aptX HD instead aptX Low Latency If you prefer, you can disable aptX HD on the ABT00101 as follows:

  • Keep the multifunction button pressed for approx. 8 seconds until the LED lights up green twice. AptX HD is then disabled and aptX Low Latency is prioritized as a codec.
  • To re-enable aptX HD, press and hold the multifunction button for 8 seconds until the LED flashes green 1x.

In order to connect with the desired codec, your audio device must also support aptX Low Latency or aptX HD.

Other properties:

  • High quality Bluetooth 5.0 chipset CSR BC8675
  • at least 10 m range
  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 22mm
  • Scope of delivery: Bluetooth adapter, audio cable 3.5 mm jack, cinch adapter cable, USB micro charging cable, fiber optic cable 1 m, instructions (German, English, French, Italian)