FLR00100 Luftreiniger mit Hepa 13 Filter für Büro und Wohnung bis 45 m² - FeinTech
FLR00100 Luftreiniger mit Hepa 13 Filter für Büro und Wohnung bis 45 m² - FeinTech
FLR00100 Luftreiniger mit Hepa 13 Filter für Büro und Wohnung bis 45 m² - FeinTech
FLR00100 Luftreiniger mit Hepa 13 Filter für Büro und Wohnung bis 45 m² - FeinTech
FLR00100 Luftreiniger mit Hepa 13 Filter für Büro und Wohnung bis 45 m² - FeinTech
FLR00100 Luftreiniger mit Hepa 13 Filter für Büro und Wohnung bis 45 m² - FeinTech
FLR00100 Luftreiniger mit Hepa 13 Filter für Büro und Wohnung bis 45 m² - FeinTech

FLR00100 Air purifier with Hepa 13 filter for office and home

Clean your air effectively, quietly and energy-saving
  • Air purifier with 3-stage HEPA13 filter, filters 99.9% of all particles from the room air
  • Activated carbon filter reduces odors
  • Very high cleaning performance CADR 300 m³ per hour
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1x FLR00100 air purifier
1x HEPA13 filter
1x instruction manual

  • Air purifier with 3-stage HEPA13 filter, filters 99.9% of all particles larger than 0.3µm from the room air (fine dust, pollen, allergens, aerosols with viruses and bacteria, animal hair, fungal spores, etc.), also reduces odours through activated carbon
  • .
  • Cleaning capacity CADR 300 m³ per hour (Clean Air Delivery Rate), recommended for rooms with an area of 20 to 45 sqm, TüV/GS approved
  • .
  • A sensor monitors the air and displays the quality in colour (light display can be switched off), a sensor-controlled automatic mode regulates the speed depending on the air quality
  • .
  • Ideal for office and home, also suitable for bedrooms, special silent mode for quiet operation, switch-off timer 2-8 hours, filter change indicator, integrated night light
  • .
  • Quiet DC motor with 5 speeds, quiet operating noise 27 to 55 dB, low power consumption maximum 29 W in turbo mode, otherwise typically 8 W

The air purifier filters 99.9% of particles larger than 0.3 µm from the room air via the HEPA13 filter. HEPA is the abbreviation for High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. This removes fine dust particles, mould spores, pollen, aerosols, bacteria, viruses and allergens from house dust mites from the room air. At the highest performance level, a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 300 m³ per hour is achieved. This makes the unit ideal for a room size of 20 to 45 m². The entire room air is then filtered up to 6 times per hour. The air purifier must not be operated in harsh industrial environments, construction sites and workshops.

Inside the air purifier is an air quality sensor. The air quality is indicated by a different light colour (this indication can be switched off). The light colour changes depending on the detected air quality: red (dirty), orange (bad), green (good) and blue (very good). In automatic mode, the speed of the fan changes according to the air quality. This way, the fan works as quietly and energy-efficiently as it makes sense. Alternatively, you can make all settings manually and use the timer. After an adjustable time of 2 to 8 hours, the air purifier then switches off.

The 3-stage filter (consisting of pre-filter, HEPA13 filter and activated carbon filter) can be easily replaced if it becomes too dirty. A replacement filter is available under item number FLF00199. An LED indicator shows when the filter needs to be changed. Under typical conditions of use, this should be after about 6 months. If you have switched off the unit but still do not want to do without lighting, you can activate the night light mode. The night light is adjustable in 2 brightness levels and in orange or white light colour. The quiet DC motor has 5 power levels. The operating noise is 27 dB to 55 dB, depending on the setting. In idle mode, the air purifier is very quiet and can also be operated in the bedroom. Dimensions: Height 44 cm, diameter 25 cm

Sensor-controlled automatic
A sensor measures the air quality and regulates the speed of the fan. The air quality is indicated by coloured light (red-orange-green-blue). This light display can be switched off.

  • For controlling the fan speed
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Optimum cleaning performance
  • Sensible noise reduction
  • Optical function indicator

Customer reviews

Based on 4 reviews
L. Stephen
Top filtering of fine dust particles

We bought the air purifier for our office. On the one hand because of the current corona situation (aerosols) and on the other hand because we have a large printer (fine dust particles) near our workplaces. After two weeks of use, we can definitely give our recommendation. The filter does what it promises. It makes hardly any noise and is therefore not disturbing. It's big but looks very elegant. The various timers are also very helpful. Delivery also went smoothly. Everything perfect!

Sasha W
Great device!

I bought the air purifier for my office. Especially when it is so warm, you want to keep the warm air outside but still have a pleasant indoor climate. Within a very short time, the little helper has completely cleaned the air and the office stuffiness is gone. A big advantage is that it works very quietly! In addition, there is the attractive design and the very simple operation. I am totally convinced and will definitely recommend him to my colleagues.

DN Schulz
Great for hay fever!

My partner and I bought the air purifier because we both suffer from hay fever. Constant sneezing at home during the day and waking up in the morning with itchy eyes is part of our summer schedule. Not any longer longer! After almost a week, we can say that the air purifier from FeinTech is a massive help. Although we continue to suffer noticeably from the pollen outside, we are now doing much better inside. Placed relatively centrally in the room, it appears that the cleaner actually does a good job of removing most of the pollen. The volume is tolerable (I have the device next to me at work), even at night if you can set it to night mode (which is practically inaudible but still seems to do its job). The fact that the cleaner can also filter aerosols from the air is of course a pretty big plus in Corona times. The timer, automatic and light functions all work exemplary - we (also) have nothing to complain about. We can use the product would recommend and would definitely buy again!

Highly recommended

We mainly use the device in the children's room. Since we have the children's room on the ground floor, we don't like to leave the window open at night. The air purifier is the perfect solution for us. The night mode is so quiet that we can easily leave the device running. In the morning there is no typical bad sleep. Since the device is so compact and easy to use, we like to take it with us to our baby's room. Any odors after the diaper change are quickly eliminated. We can definitely recommend the air purifier

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