SATVISION testet: VAX04101A erhält die Bestnote "SEHR GUT" - FeinTech

SATVISION tests: VAX04101A receives the top grade "VERY GOOD"

The specialist and test magazine SATVISION took a closer look at our VAX04101A eARC Pass Switch in its 12/2022 issue. With the title " Dolby Atmos for everyone: Clever HDMI switch " the editors perfectly describe our goal with this product.

The following excerpt from the conclusion of the test report also makes it clear what problem our eARC Pass Switch VAX04101A solves for many in their home cinema.

"The VAX04101 is particularly suitable for all those users who have a surround system with eARC interface and Dolby Atmos support, but do not have a suitably equipped television with the current eARC standard, which correctly and reliably transmits the modern 3D sound formats . The robust switch from FeinTech provides a simple solution for this, as it retrofits any TV or beamer or projector with an HDMI connection accordingly. ..."

The detailed test report shows how the setup works, what special features the switch offers and how easy it is to use. This can be found in the SATVISION issue 12/2022 or alternatively can be downloaded from for a small fee.

We are happy about the test result "VERY GOOD" with achieved 92.1%.

SATVISION test seal FeinTech VAX04101