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Socket cube with charging functions

This triple socket with charging function is suitable for connecting household appliances with a total connected load of up to 3680 watts to a socket. The three protective contact sockets are equipped with increased protection against accidental contact. Battery-powered IT devices can be charged via USB connection or inductively. In addition, the 3 USB ports supply 5 V DC and a maximum of 2.1 A for charging or operating USB devices such as smartphones, mobile phones and headphone batteries. The field on the top is used for inductive charging (wireless charging) of smartphones that explicitly support wireless charging or QI. For example Google Pixel 4, Samsung Galaxy from S6, iPhone from version 8.

Wireless induction charging is convenient and protects the connection socket.

A very discreet control display shows the wireless charging status:

  • Green= inductive charging active
  • Red= charge complete
  • Flashing red = foreign body detected, no charge (possible cause when placing a smartphone: unsuitable cell phone or cell phone case, wrong position).
The flat plug makes it possible to use sockets behind furniture.

The mains connection cable has a length of 1.4 m (cable 3x 1.5 mm²) and is equipped with a flat plug fitted. When used on standard wall sockets, the flat plug protrudes only 8 mm. In this way, sockets that are difficult to access and blocked by furniture can also be used for the connection.

  • Multiple socket with 3 × USB-A connections and inductive charging field for smartphones ( wireless charging ), charging power 17 W (total)
  • Socket cube with 3 × protective contact sockets with extended protection against contact, TÜV/GS tested
  • 1.4 m connection cable with angled flat plug, makes wall sockets usable behind cupboards
  • Inductive charging power wireless charging 5 W (5V 1A)
  • USB charging power (total) 17 W (5V 3.4A), USB charging power when using inductive charging at the same time 12 W (5V 2.4 A)
  • Discreet indicator light for the charging status with wireless charging
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Dimensions 79 x 79 x 68mm