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Bluetooth audio adapter for TV and stereo system

The Bluetooth audio adapter is optimally equipped for stationary use. The large buttons allow easy operation. LEDs indicate the selected operating mode and connection status. The negotiated audio codec also lights up. All Bluetooth audio devices support the SBC standard Bluetooth codec. But the better audio codecs aptX, aptX Low Latency and aptX HD supported. The Bluetooth partner must support the same codec. Otherwise it stays with SBC Standard Codec. It automatically tries to use the highest quality codec aptX HD - ideal for music. If instead you want a transmission with as little delay as possible, you can switch off aptX HD - ideal for TV and gaming. Then an attempt is made to establish a connection in aptX Low Latency. AptX Low Latency has very low latency, so the audio is played lip-sync to the video. With the ABT00102 you can transmit the sound of an audio source wirelessly in transmitter mode (TX) and play it back with Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Dual Point is also supported, so you can pair 2 headphones at the same time. Both then get the same sound signal.

receiver mode

In receiver mode (RX) you can receive a Bluetooth audio signal and play it back on an audio amplifier, wired headphones or similar. You can use your mobile phone or tablet, for example, to play music on the stereo system. In this mode you can control the volume on the ABT00102 and skip forward/backward tracks.

In this mode you can pair 2 Bluetooth audio devices at the same time, eg smartphone and notebook. It is then possible to play music from one device at a time. Only when playing
When one device is paused, music will play on the second. You save yourself the alternating coupling and decoupling.

Bypass mode with converter function

In Bypass mode, you can loop through an audio signal or convert it from digital to analog. A digital SPDIF input signal is converted to analog at the jack output and vice versa. This allows you, for example, to connect wired headphones to the ABT00102 while they are connected to the TV with an optical audio cable.

Use the slide switch to set the mode on the Bluetooth audio adapter.
Use the slide switch to set the mode on the Bluetooth audio adapter.


If you want to use the ABT00102 as a transmitter on the TV, please set the sound to PCM/stereo in the TV menu. Dolby Digital or Bitstream is not supported.

Power is supplied via a USB-A port or a USB power adapter (not included). You can ideally operate the ABT00102 on a USB socket from the television or player. The ABT00102 then turns itself on.

With the large number of Bluetooth devices in the household, it can happen that connection information is saved incorrectly. The memory on the ABT00102 can be cleared by pressing the + button for 7 seconds in TX mode. If a pairing fails, please carry out such a reset.

  • Range: receiver maximum 15 m, transmitter maximum 50 m (outdoors)
  • Audio inputs: SPDIF Toslink digital, 3.5 mm jack stereo
  • Audio outputs: SPDIF Toslink digital, 3.5 mm jack stereo
  • Input: Supported digital audio sampling frequency 32 / 44 / 48 kHz
  • Input: digital audio bit rate maximum 24 bit
  • Output: Digital audio sampling frequency maximum 96 kHz
  • Output: Digital audio bit rate 24 bit
  • DAC SNR > 96 dB, output 778 mV rms
  • ADC SNR > 92dB
  • Bluetooth 5.0 chipset CSR 8675
  • Supported profiles A2DP, AVRCP
  • Supported Codecs aptX-HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX, SBC
  • Power consumption max. 1.5 W / 300 mA at 5 V DC
  • Dimensions 134 × 74 × 27mm

Scope of delivery:

  • Bluetooth Audio Transmitters & Receivers
  • SPDIF optical digital audio cable with Toslink connectors 1 m
  • Analog audio cable with 3.5 mm jack plug
  • USB power cable with USB-A and USB-micro connectors
  • Adapter cable cinch plug to 3.5 mm jack socket