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HDMI splitter for 2 displays

If you want to connect a television and video projector (i.e. 2 HDMI end devices), you will probably need an HDMI splitter. The HDMI splitter distributes an Ultra HD HDMI signal (4K) to 2 HDMI devices such as a television, monitor, beamer or AV receiver.

In many cases, an HDMI splitter without special setting options is sufficient. That's why we designed the VSP01204. With the so-called "pigtail" - a permanently attached HDMI cable - you connect this distributor directly to the HDMI output. The connection to the two displays is made with 2 standard HDMI cables.

The HDMI source also supplies power over HDMI, so in most cases you don't need an additional power supply. If your device does not provide enough power, use the supplied adapter cable and use a free USB socket or a USB power supply for the power supply.

Features of the VSP01204 HDMI Splitter:

  • Suitable for Ultra HD and backwards compatible with low resolutions at the input and output
  • Down-scaler to output 4K content on a Full HD display
  • Remote powering possible through HDMI source, no power adapter required

The HDMI source can only a Deliver an output signal, not different picture and sound formats at the same time. Therefore, both devices connected to the splitter will receive the same signal. The HDMI source automatically supplies a signal that is compatible with both displays. However, this also means that a "worse" end device determines the signal.

Audio example: If you connect a television with Dolby Digital Plus (Dolby Atmos) sound and a stereo television, the source only supplies stereo. If that's not what you want, you'll need a more complex splitter like that VAX01201 or VSP01201 with EDID management.

Example video: HDR / Dolby Vision is only output from the source if both displays support it. (This is different with the VSP01201, for example. HDR can be forced there. However, Dolby Vision is always displayed with distorted colors on a Full HD display.)

HDMI splitter to 2 Ultra HD TVs
HDMI splitter to 2 Ultra HD TVs

Down-scaler with mixed operation 4k / full HD

There is one exception to this rule, because the HDMI splitter has an integrated scaler. If a 4K signal is present and both a 4K TV and a Full HD display are connected, the splitter delivers a downsampled 1080p image on the Full HD display. The other output still has Ultra HD. A chip in the splitter takes care of the conversion. The refresh rate is not changed, 4K@60Hz becomes 1080p@60Hz. This has the great advantage that you can enjoy Ultra HD on the television, for example, even if the second device can only do Full HD. Even exclusive 4K content such as Sky Bundesliga UHD can be displayed in excellent quality on a Full HD device!

HDMI splitter 4k with active scaler
HDMI splitter 4k with active scaler

Communication with HDMI CEC is still possible between the television on HDMI out 1 and the HDMI source. This allows this TV to switch itself on automatically and you can control important functions of the source with the TV remote control.


video input 1 x HDMI cable approx. 60 cm, with plug
Supported copy protection HDCP 2.2 and 1.4
data transfer rate 18 Gbps (maximum)
Maximum bandwidth 600MHz
Supported video formats up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz YUV 4:4:4 or RGB, incl. 3D
video output 2 x HDMI socket
Supported color format deep color 24 / 30 / 36 bit
HDR (High Dynamic Range) yes, incl. HLG-HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision, HDR10+
range with standard
HDMI cable 26AWG
at 1080p: maximum 10 m
at 4K: maximum 5 m
Supported audio format DTS-HD Master Audio®, Dolby® True-HD (incl. Atmos),
Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® Digital, LPCM 2.0-7.1, AC3, DTS
Supports HDMI CEC yes, HDMI out 1
cascadable Yes
power supply via HDMI or via USB
power consumption < 2w
Dimensions (W×L×H) 82 x 58 (660 with HDMI cable) x 19 mm